How to be the Calm in the Storm | An Exercise, Meditation, and Journal Prompt that Will Help in Reducing Illness Anxiety

The Great Metaphor of Illness | A Look into Fear, and a Swim into the Solution 

Hi sweet ones,

I know we’re living in the scariest of times and I have been praying for the words that might befall me to offer some grace and comfort for all of you. Before I start sharing the tips that have worked for me, I just want to share first what I stand for being to you.

To you, wherever you are reading this, my goal is to be a place of comfort for you. I want to help you lean into faith as much as you possibly can so that you can feel love and care in all areas of your life. I want you to live the most extraordinary life! I thrive on watching my clients, students and friends grow from lessons I have learned from my coaches and life experiences. I want this world to be a more compassionate place, so if I can be that for you, know that it is my deepest honour and mission.

I came on here again because of the virus frenzy that has been circulating all over the world now. I feel as though this virus and the way communities have reacted to it is a total reflection of human habits that I want to draw our attention to. It sometimes seems to me as though we get a situation in front of us and find a negative possibility in it and ride that negative possibility. We create frenzies out of our fears. Some of us even live our whole lives in our fears. Some of us don’t even know that’s what we’re doing! I’ll give you an example. Your boss had a grumpy start to her day and forgot to greet you as warmly as she normally does. Does your mind ever turn to the possibility that of all things that might have taken place the possibility that you turn to is that your boss is mad at you? And now you might get fired? This is SUPER common; the case might be that she simply has a headache or is preoccupied! We’ve habituated negative thought patterns. And when you throw a virus into the mix, can you imagine the energy of EVERYONE turning to their negative possibility habit? It’s a total frenzy!

And just to be very clear, I am not encouraging anyone out of their homes or anything of the sort. I think it is the most important now more than ever to be conscious and vigilant. But let’s at least try to feel good while we’re cozied up at home rather than living in an energy of fear. Let me get straight to the tips!

1. Tap Tap Tap: I am an emotional freedom technique (EFT) coach as most of you know so EFT is a tool I turn to in my spiritual practice almost DAILY. And this one tapping technique is HIGHLY effective and has been recommended also by my teacher Gabby Bernstein during this turbulent time.

With a mantra tap on your gamut point.

Here are some mantras you may use

(Inhale) I am

(Exhale) Safe


(Inhale) I am

(Exhale) Well

(Inhale) I am

(Exhale) Healing

(Inhale) I am

(Exhale) Protected

(Inhale) I am

(Exhale) Calm

(Inhale) I am

(Exhale) Peace

You can use any of the mantras or any of your own variations that resonate with you the most.

Below is a picture of the gamut point you will tap on!

2.Waterfall Meditation: Sit or lay in your meditation. Take some grounding breaths. Feel your body in space. With your eyes closed and your body relaxed, picture yourself in a warm pool of water underneath a very soft waterfall of light energy. Watch yourself sit or lay underneath this pouring light and witness yourself fill up with light energy. This light energy is healing, calming and provides you only with a presence of trust. Trusting that here in your meditation you are safe, you are loved and you are deeply protected. Visualize this light pouring onto you until you feel calm and soft.

3. Gratitude: The best way to feel good fast is to focus on all that you have in your life! After all, when you love what you have, you have EVERYTHING you need. This virus has made an impact on the way we understand lack and it’s time we disbunk that. No more feeling like we’re running low or out of anything. We live in an abundant universe that ALWAYS has our backs! You are enough and you have enough. All is well. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and send gratitude for all that you have. What’s really helped me over the last few days is writing down all the parts of my BODY that I’m most grateful for. Keeping health as my primary focus, knowing that when my mind positively recognizes my body, my body will thrive and help keep me safe and healthy. For example: “I’m so grateful for my eyes and all they allow me to see,” or “I’m so grateful for my liver that works to keep my body healthy from disease,” or “I’m so grateful for my body that can move me around and keep me active.” I wrote a blog about noting your gratitude just a few weeks ago. If you’re looking for a more activities or insights on gratitude here’s the blog link below:

Here you have it folks! I know if you implement even one of these methods you will feel better fast! Sometimes being in fear of the unknown is being a part of the problem rather than the solution. Let’s focus on being a part of the solution here rather than the problem! Let’s never take spending time with each other for granted again. Let’s keep each other safe and stay home and fill up our spiritual cups! Now is the best time to turn to faith and love.

With you,