Meditation January 2023

Calming Our Anxious Mind

This month’s meditation is the VOO chant. In repeating this chant you will restore gut health, the centre for where we often hold our anxiety, while also releasing trauma and balancing your nervous system.

Meditation December 2022


This month’s meditation will help you see yourself in your highest light. Holding this energy helps you attract the relationships you may be longing for.
Meditation November 2022

Do Less Attract More

This month’s meditation is a kundalini practice combining mudra to breath. You will leave feeling energized and aligned.
Meditation October 2022


In this month’s audio meditation you will be moving and supporting yourself deeply through pain. Using hope as your portal to freedom through mantras provided. This month’s meditation is super powerful!
Meditation September 2022

Consistency Is Key

This month our meditation is all about aligning with our highest self. Helping us enjoy the process of our life.
Meditation August 2022

Unconditional Love

In this months meditation we combine a butterfly tapping technique with our visualization to open our hearts to a possibility of softness and connection to the world around us.
Meditation June 2022

Doubt Is Your Door

In this month’s audio meditation we are practicing a journaling meditation. This can be an incredibly powerful tool to use to create a relationship with your higher power and strengthen your faith.

Meditation May 2022


In this month’s meditation we practice square breath. The most equalizing of breath work techniques. Get cozy and enjoy!
Meditation April 2022

be here NOW

Mantra meditation is an incredibly powerful way to connect to the present moment. By having a one pointed focus, we are more able to stay present. Let this meditation empower you into the bliss of the present moment.
Meditation March 2022

I Trust My Life

In this month’s audio meditation I guide you through a popular meditation that many use to reach and connect with their spirit guides/angels. Here you will find comfort and trust in the messages you receive to keep you aligned on your path.
Meditation February 2022

Conscious Manifestation

February 2022 | Meditation
In this month’s meditation, I will guide you to align with the FEELING of your meditation. How you feel now becomes a magnet for what you receive. The more you tap into the feelings you want the more you receive what you’re consciously manifesting!
Meditation January 2022

Nurturing the Inner Child

January 2022 | Meditation
This month’s meditation is designed to have us develop a strong relationship with our inner child and further to help them feel safe and to recognize their role as protector in our life. When we do so, we can move forward in our lives with a greater sense of strength and ease.
Meditation December 2021

Healing the Self-Critic

December 2021 | Meditation
In this month’s meditation we begin to get to know your inner child. If this presents a challenge to you, know that you can just speak to your inner self here. This meditation is designed to have you converse and get to know your higher self from a space of forgiveness, love and gratitude.
Meditation November 2021

Releasing Control

November 2021 | Meditation
This month’s meditation is particularly powerful because if you practice this technique once, you can come back to it many times throughout your day. We visualize literally taking control out of our bodies and surrendering it up for relief and peace.
Meditation October 2021

Everything Is Just A Moment In Time

October 2021 | Meditation
In this month’s meditation we pair a breath work technique that will help energize you and move out any blocks you may be holding in your system. We follow our breath work with a meditation to connect you back to your heart.
Meditation September 2021

Meeting Change

September 2021 | Meditation

This month’s meditation is really useful if you’re in the midst of any kind of challenge. You will leave this meditation feeling a deepened sense of calm and confidence in any situation you’re facing!

Meditation August 2021

I Trust This Body

August 2021 | Meditation

This month’s meditation is incredibly powerful, so I will recommend laying down somewhere comfortable and safe for you! I also recommend using headphones for this mediation so you can really soak in the frequencies playing in the background. This is the first time in Club Bliss where you experience guided breath work. This technique is challenging but it really releases old blocks that we store in our bodies and is so incredibly healing. If ever I have an off day, this meditation is always my CURE!

Meditation July 2021

The Bravery of Stillness

July 2021 | Meditation

Together we brave the storms of whatever is up for you by holding yourself in compassionate stillness. As you do so, you’ll literally feel any anxiety or pain in your body soften and slowly dissolve.

Meditation June 2021

Compassion Vs Everything

June 2021 | Meditation

This month’s forgiveness mediation will help you create space from any burdensome situation and hold yourself and your challenge with the hands of love.

Meditation May 2021

Trusting Surrender

May 2021 | Meditation

This month’s meditation is absolutely stunning. Together we breathe through everything we hold on to in life and transform this energy into an experience of trust. Through our breath we lean into the magic of trust and surrender.

Meditation April 2021

Self Love Always Wins

April 2021 | Meditation

This month’s meditation is an incredibly special offering. Miracles and shifts occur when we take the time to listen and nurture our inner voice. In this self-love meditation you will be guided to call upon your inner voice and hold a loving relationship to your highest self.