Mindful Resting, Mindful Healing | A Shift in Perspective

So, 2020 has been wild! And I have finally had an opportunity to catch up with EVERYTHING that’s been going on. Just last week I had a little procedure that’s got me out of work for almost three weeks.



Out of my routines for a month – no exercise, no yoga, no hot room, no pilates, no teaching, no coaching, no tapping NOTHING! When I was prepping for my procedure I was super excited for this time off for doing nothing. Being a restorative teacher and teacher trainer I thought the time off would be just what I needed to reset and restore after a very busy start to the year. By day two I felt really finished with resting, and was starting to lose it a little.

It somehow JUST dawned on me that I’m the person who is just GO, GO, GO, all the time. I fill up every day and every hour weeks in advance, and chalk it up to a good planner and organizational skills. I knew this feeling was not one I wanted to live in for the next three weeks. I knew there had to be a change. I decided to say a silent prayer and ask the universe for help. A few moments later I was drawn to a deck of intention cards by my teacher Gabrielle Bernstein. The card wrote a quote about how your energy directs your reality, what you focus on MANIFESTS. I knew this was the sign I had asked for. For the entire two days I had off I was focusing on illness and stagnant energy, and those two days were the absolute LONGEST DAYS EVER! Like Abraham Hicks explains, when you focus on illness all you have is illness, but when you focus on wellness you can bring about wellness.

Immediately, I was moved by this message my energy shifted like rapid fire!

My body, this sacred put together functioning machine that allows me to teach all the time and move in a healthy way and socialize and be in the world requires a favour of me. My precious body wants me to chill out and just be for a bit. My body wants to recover from a trauma of removing a foreign friend from it. It just needs some compassion and time. My body is healing right now. My body is regenerating and restoring as we speak. All hours of the day and night my body is working hard for me heal. My body attacks viruses for me, and it restores skin, muscles, tissues, alleviates inflammation, moves, breathes, grows, and cleanses for me ALWAYS, so I can keep going.

As soon as this realization dawned on me I immediately felt a deep sense of gratitude wash over me. I became so deeply grateful for this body and everything it’s been doing for me and my recovery sped up! I’m on day 6 now and I feel better than ever! As it turned out, Abraham Hicks was right – focussing on wellness brought about more wellness.  

So wherever you are in your journey with your body – whether you're injured, coming back from surgery, or even a common cold, my prayer is that you remember that focussing on how WELL your body is doing will bring about more wellness. Your body is healing for you, always! Focussing on the truth that your body is naturally working in your favour to heal you will leave you feeling more grateful for the body that you might be punishing for not performing for you when you want it. Being a body worker has lead me to realize that every injury or physical trauma I’ve ever had has worked as a gift that brought me closer to the truth of who I am. I have learned patience and how to slow down. I have learned compassion and deep self-love. I have learned strength and perseverance – all through the ways in which my body has communicated to me through illness. It’s all really just a matter of perspective. Begin to take your negative feeling thoughts and shift them to the opposite. Take a bad moment and find some light in it. At first you may not be so convinced by it but the more energy you feed your good feeling thoughts the more they grow. It’s not about faking it till you make it but more about saying it till you believe it!

Take some time today to honour your body however you normally do. Whether it’s through a kind prayer, eating something yum, or moving in your favourite way. May you love on this body of yours, deeply and remember how much it loves you back, literally ALWAYS!