Parisa Samet

Mala Intention Bracelets


Have you ever worked with intention mala bracelets? These bracelets are made up of precious gemstones that have been used for decades to support in healing and growth. Both of these bracelets have the magic of moonstone binding them! They have been intentionally created for this time of year, to support you on your spiritual path.

Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings symbolizing inner strength and positive growth. This soothing stone will help you alleviate tension, anxiety, or stress and balance your emotional state providing an innate calmness. Moonstone is also used to promote experiences of inspiration, good fortune, abundance and success – particularly in love or and business.

Sunstone is the stone of awakened and higher consciousness. It carries with it the uplifting energies of the sun to bring you light energy. This stone is most supportive in helping you see the sunny side of life and offering you the power and confidence to overcome challenging obstacles.

Moss agate is also a stone that provides support during new beginnings. This green soothing stone refreshes the soul and provides abundant support for the heart. Moss agate reduces sensitivity to pollutants and attracts abundance, wealth, and a growth in self-esteem.

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