To My Beloved Students | A Letter From Your Yoga Teacher

Hello student,

I felt called to write you a love note because I want you to know that I will never take for granted the gift of being present for you and your practice. I am in awe of you. I am captured by the way you surrender to the mat after your first sigh. I am inspired by all the ways your body shapes itself to express the inner workings of your heart's desires. I am honoured to guide you into positions that physically challenge you enough to stare ego in the eye and release him. I have watched you tell him that you are strong and that you do not need him. I love the way you move to the beat of the song. I love the way you trust the rhythm of your breath when the music goes out. I love how in a room full of warriors you feel and flirt with the impact of soft, still, and quiet strength. I am humbled by the ways you surrender to touch and the way your body melts at the graze of my hand. I imagine this happens not because you trust me, but because when you are at home on your mat you trust the human connection; the touch of love and compassion. I am moved by your willingness to deepen and all the ways you tell yourself that you can, when you live in a world that tells you otherwise. I am proud of the times you step out. I love you for leaving a pose that does not serve you, your body, and your desires. In a world full of sheep, you are a lion. I am awakened by your unfolding. 

Thank you for letting me bear witness to the impact of being brave and taking up your own space. Thank you for your prana; not only does it move you, it moves me as well. Thank you for your breath; your sound ignites fires within me and I could just listen forever. I love the way you so fluidly choose yourself when you step into the room.

Thank you for your journey home. Whomever you may be you are perfect, and I am honoured to share this space with you. Your practice is my teacher. Thank you for your laughter, your hugs and your tears. Thank you for honouring yourself and all of those around you. Thank you for your light. Thank you for allowing me to serve you. 

Forever yours,