A Guide To Intention Setting For Self-Love | Stand For Yourself And All Your Desires!

Winter solstice greets us later this week and any kind of seasonal transition like this can be hectic for any of us. Solstice offers us a time of great change and shift. This year is an especially big year because we are heading into a new decade approaching 2020.

I have been spending most of the month in deep reflection of who I am, and who I have become not just through this decade but in the past year especially. I have created miracles, and watched my life become a true haven for love, just as a result of setting intentions and LIVING by them.

See that’s the thing about intentions; simply setting them and letting them be out in the world might not create long lasting miracle moments in your life. Standing for yourself and your intentions, will help you in creating a life beyond your wildest dreams!

So, as we transition into the coming year and as we approach winter solstice I wanted to provide you guys with some tips and tricks as to how you might be able to make this coming year your best year yet, and have 2020 kick off the best decade of your life!

  1. Start by opening up a note on your phone or a page in your journal. Take a few minutes to jot down all the qualities about who you are today that you love and adore so much about yourself! Spend some time in deep appreciation over who YOU ARE, and how proud you make yourself. Swim in that self-love!
  1. After you experience the high vibe of self-love, begin to write down moments you are so grateful for that took place this year that contributed to making you the person you are today. Write down all the instances that you can remember that contributed to who you are today, and honour each and every one of them with gratitude. Were it not for all of these circumstances (good or bad) you would not be who and where you are today! You would not be the person you just spent time adoring. So collectively thank all the situations and circumstances that brought you to this point, here, adoring and loving yourself and express gratitude for each one!
  1. Make a commitment to yourself! Write down everything that you want to stand for in the year to come and start brainstorming ways in which you can act in accordance with what you stand for. Creating strong intentions can allow for major shifts to take place in your life! For instance, last year I made a stand to be tidier and the way in which I promised myself that I could do that was by committing two hours a week (one on Monday and one on Friday) to clearing space in one area of my home, or in my life. This included my shoe closet, clothes, books, and even my email inbox! After some months of deep organization and cleaning, I was feeling so aligned and spacious! I kept committed to my stand of being tidy and since my home was tidy I shifted my focus to my thoughts. And now that I’m almost at the end of the year, my home is super tidy and my self-talk and thoughts are getting there too!

Take this week to spend time with yourself in deep gratitude of who you are and all the situations that got you there, and then make a strong commitment and a stand for yourself to live a joyful and meaningful life. May this solstice greet you warmly, lovingly and kindly, and may you always deeply love who you are and where you are in your life.

Thinking of you,


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