Light in Chaos | Meditations for Fearful Times

Welcoming 2020 has been so interesting for so many of us lately. So many of my students have reached out telling me that they have been feeling incredibly overwhelmed and burdened by their goals and ambitions for the new year. Feelings of rush and pressure can be incredibly debilitating. I will address this feeling for sure. I also want to draw attention to worldly events that inflict pain and fear on all of us. The tragedies we are exposed to in the world, particularly lately can often have a ripple effect of sadness, worry and panic.

I understand. I mean, I really get it. The year started off rocky for me too. Especially when I flipped on the news and heard about all the tragedy inflicted upon our fellow people.

To be honest I myself lost it. And by “it” I mean my feeling of safety and love. I felt off kilter, I felt overwhelmed and in immense pain and fear. But what I realized, even after watching the news and consoling those affected by tragedy, is that now more than ever is the time to lean into love. Now more than ever we must stand for faith and connection rather than opposition and violence.

What I mean by this is tragic events happen and finding the light in them does not make them any less sad or heart breaking. But finding light in them helps us feel closer to ease and ultimately more love. The only way to combat chaos is not through anger or misery, but it’s love. And choosing love, especially in trying times can be THE HARDEST CHOICE EVER. But I am certain it is the right choice. Because when we choose love, we create more love in the world around us. We create a ripple effect of our own. A loving one, that’s pure and content and warm. One that does not perpetuate more fear, violence, and chaos. That’s all we all want anyways right? We all want to live in a more loving world where we don’t need to hear about tragedy. And the way is to choose love. Always. No matter what. Forever. Period.

May we show up lovingly rather than fearfully. May we lean in and choose better feeling thoughts as often as we can so we can SHOW UP in the world as love instead of fear. Can we illuminate the world with love, so that we can all feel and live safely, sweetly, and graciously? Every single ripple makes a difference. When tragedy strikes it is so easy for fear to fill our conversations and our interactions and surroundings. Can we shift together? Can we create a loving vibration, not just for our own greater good but for the greater good of the world around us?

The answer is yes. The work might be hard but the impact is profound. I want to offer you an opportunity to choose love through a light bath meditation. I tried this on myself several times last week and this meditation immediately took me from a fearful place to a loving one. A place in which I felt supported, safe, and able to pour love into the world around me.

Light Bath Meditation

You can begin this meditation seated in a comfortable position on the ground or laying down if you prefer.

Begin to notice your breath. Notice its depth and texture, or where it might stop, or when you might hold it.

Just notice your breath and try gently lengthening it, allowing your breath to occupy more of your body.

Then begin drawing your awareness inward. Visualize a light forming in the center of your heart. With the lengthened breaths visualize the light within your heart growing. Keep visualizing this growing light until eventually it encompasses your body.

Visualize yourself living in this bubble of light. Notice the light feeling that you physically manifest through this visualization and remember that this light is born of you and your heart.

This light is your ever growing, infinite love.

Bring yourself out of this meditation whenever you’re ready, softly, and remind yourself through your day of the ball of light that you live within.

Here, you are living in a safe and loving space.

My prayer is that this meditation is used to help you on your path to healing.

My prayer is that you return to love as often as fear knocks on your door.

My prayer is that you fill your cup with so much love that it naturally pours out into the world.

And my promise is to keep providing you with stories, tools and tips to always return to love.

With you,