2 Journal Prompts for Relief

Often times I find that the one thing that holds us back from feeling relief is masking how we really feel about something under false gratitude. I know so many people who say things like “I’m anxious about this, but everything’s really okay so I can’t complain”. I love how positive we try to be sometimes but the truth is, holding on to what makes us anxious is absolute toxicity. So here’s how we can release those negative blocked feelings so that we can actually authentically step into gratitude. 

  1. Page dump: What this means is find a quiet space where you can be alone for a little while, open up a journal and write out everything you’re feeling. Hold absolutely NOTHING back. Know that this dump is not your time to be polite, or careful. Let yourself get unhinged and even extreme here. Doing this will pull rage, anger, and resentment out of your subconscious mind and onto the paper. (You can always rip it up or toss it later if you want - but make sure you just get it out!)
  2. Find the miracle: Say a prayer after your dump. Take a few moments to take some long breaths and ask the universe to tell you the miracle in the situation that’s had you feeling bad. Begin free writing and TRUST what comes onto the page. You are being guided here. There is a reason and a miracle behind EVERY single thing we are tasked with in life, and to really find freedom it is up to US to find that miracle and appreciate it. Give thanks for what comes on the page and see how you feel. 

The purpose of these tasks is to get you really HONEST about how you feel. The more honest you are the better your chances are at resolving what’s actually up for you. Follow these two simple steps and just see how miraculous you feel afterward. I trust you, you’ve got this!

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All my love,